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Relax, listen, and connect with divine grace in your heart through guided meditation, mantra meditation, or moving meditation. Everything you need is within this inner space, spiritual sound, and eternal relationship.

Guided Meditation

Mantra Meditation

Moving Meditation

Devotional Meditation


How can meditation help you?

Quiet Mind

Meditation turns down the volume of the mind and the chatter of the day so that you can relax, receive clarity, and hear the deeper voice within.

Calm Emotions

Anxiety, anger, stress, and emotions embedded by abuse and trauma can become alleviated and gradually extinguished by connecting with your calm center within,

Open Heart

Meditation helps you move from your head to your heart, where you can feel it gently open like a beautiful blossoming flower, revealing wisdom and love.

Inner Peace

This quieting of the mind, calming the emotions, and opening of the heart clears the atmosphere to become a sanctuary of tranquility within.

Self Restoration & Awakening

Lotus Grace meditation supports reconnection with the soul as your self. It helps reacquaint you with your own voice and true spirit so you can live as who you really are..

Spiritual Connection

The ultimate aim of meditation is to reconnect with Divinity. I gently guide you through your experience to deepen your personal relationship with God.

And More...

Wonderful and captivating teacher of meditation.


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