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Intuitive Healing

Intuitive healing supported by somatic awareness, energy work, guided movement, and bhakti wisdom is unlimitedly personal and versatile in its application. My goal is to facilitate heart-soul-mind-body revival so that you can experience the inherent joy of your complete self.

Compassionate Listening

Empathic Psychic Insight

Transformative Practices

Energy Healing


What can intuitive healing help you with?

Trauma & Stress

Lotus Grace healing facilitates the release of stored trauma, reducing stress levels, and providing tools for coping with and overcoming traumatic experiences (eg. childhood, emotional, physical, sexual abuse).

Emotional Imbalances

The sensitive tools I share assist in the regulation of emotions, fostering emotional resilience, and supporting the understanding and management of difficult emotions such as anxiety, depression, or anger.


Intuitive insight and healing can help harmonize, fortify, and sweeten your relationships. A holistic experience of your interpersonal patterns supported by transformative practices aid in positively redesigning them.

Physical Discomfort & Pain

The gentle modality helps you address your physical discomfort or chronic pain by exploring the mind-body connection and employing techniques to alleviate the root of physical manifestations of stress or trauma.

Spiritual Growth & Connection

These practices intuitively guide you in exploring and connecting with your sense of purpose, spirituality, and inner self to find more meaning and fulfillment.

Self-Doubt, Insecurity, Self-Esteem

I specialize in facilitating healing at the core level of yourself. The ways and means of Lotus Grace experiences reach to the root of your doubt, support you to release it and guide you to restore trust at the foundation of your inner being.

And More...

White Lotus Grace has truly been a huge blessing in my life. There are no words to describe how transformational this experience is. Gigi has a way of speaking into the spirit. She is also extremely open-minded and very accommodating. The experience is nothing short of magical. Anyone who works with her extraordinary gifts is extremely blessed.


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