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Lotus Grace Healing Dance

Healing Dance

Enjoy the joyful power of dance. Intuitively guided, spiritually filled, energetically sensitive personalized healing dance helps you calm, clear, center, create, and connect. My healing dance practice and workshop are wonderful for anyone who resonates with their own mind-body connection. Only a basic level of comfort with movement is required. Healing dance workshops hold space for 5 people. Private sessions are also available.


How can healing dance help you?

Release Stress & Trauma

Lotus Grace healing dance supports the release of stress and trauma stored in the body. These gentle personalized practices soothe the nervous system and create new patterns at the cellular level.

Transform & Align Energy

The ability of physical movement to shift subtle energy is simultaneously powerful and gentle, what to speak of joyful! Healing dance unsticks stagnant energy, reshapes it into upliftment, and realigns it with grace.

Balance Emotions

The unique fusion of empathic intuition and energy healing in motion gently guide you to move through any emotion (eg. anxiety, anger, grief, etc.) to a calm, grounded, centered state of inner harmony and balance.


Movement and dance encourage, empower, and expand your creativity and self-expression. I intuitively support you to move what's inside out through your body's language.

Body-Mind Wellness

I offer you a practice that stimulates the meridians and balances the chakras. It works with your own organic movement to warm, stretch, strengthen and tone muscles, while boosting mood and wellness with endorphin release.

Spiritual Connection

When engaged with prayerful intention and intuition, movement and dance carry profound capacity to reconnect the soul with God and self-awareness in a multitude of personal of ways. Facilitating you this way is my specialty.

And More...

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Gigi is an incredibly gifted movement teacher. I have been going to a class once a week for over a year now. Every class is an imaginative journey, together creating, with Gigi's guidance, a transcendent energy that carries me through the day and enhances my goals for the week, etc. I can bring anything into that class that I want to move, and we move it, and I grow. She's spiritually gifted and deeply grounded at the same time. At least one of Gigi's classes a week is a must for mental and physical healing and well-being.

Cat / New York

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