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Book: Grace Moving in Divine Alignment


Moving in Divine Alignment

View with me deep into the heart and art of graceful living, through a lovely lens of dance and devotion. Grace explores the beautiful domain where the favor of Divinity and elegant life movement meet and honor reciprocal spiritual presence at every step. 129 pages with 60+ photos. Full color hardcover or soft cover black and white. $29.99-39.99

"When the heart is touching grace, the hands will softly open to whatever is Divinely given and Divinely taken, receiving through them and circulating from them."

from Grace, Moving in Divine Alignment

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Moving by Faith

A Gentle Course of Embodying Inner Trust

This gentle written course invites you to personally experience your own internalization of soul-deep security as a way of being. It intuitively guides you through a 4-Week spiritual journey of progressive daily steps inward and forward toward firmer faith, self-confidence, and harmony with God's grace, guidance, and Divine flow. Meditative passages and inter-spiritual practices support the transformation from head to heart and theory to experience,

in as little as 10 minutes a day or as much time as you wish.​ Each day's entry offers:

  • Poetic lessons from nature and God-given inspiration for the next move forward in faith

  • An invitation to integrate each message and step with a simple meditative, movement, or spiritual practice

  • Respect for your individual faith and adaptability to your personal relationship with God


73 pages. Kindle or paperback. $8.99-14.99

Book: Moving by Faith

While reading Moving by Faith, I gratefully received the author’s simple and beautifully expressed sharing of her personal journey. Gigi Oppenheimer also assured her readers of her respect for their own way of connecting with Divinity, and respect for all religions. As a gentle guide, she helped me find my own ‘knowns’ and my own pace of movement to trust.

Nancy / Maine

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