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Healing Dance Workshop

In Person - Sept. 6 @ 2pm EST

  • $45 (Orig. $50)
  • Millbrook, NY

Service Description

Movement and dance are profoundly powerful conduits of healing and divine grace. When engaged with prayerful intention and intuition, physical movement carries ability to shift subtle energy and reconnect the soul with self-awareness, spirituality, and God-consciousness in a multitude of personal ways. While doing so, it releases trauma stored in the body and repatterns impressions at the cellular level. Naturally, this supports physical wellness and sustains transformation within the body simultaneously. In this class, I will intuitively guide you through my signature energy lifting sequence of White Lotus Grace, which grounds, centers, clears, soothes, awakens, and nourishes body, mind, and soul. It stimulates the meridians, activates the chakras, warms, stretches and tones the muscles. The healing movement releases stagnant energy and emotions, raises mood and consciousness, and is personally adapted to align with your intention and ability. Healing Dance workshops are 90 minutes and hold space for a maximum of 5 people in order to give quality attention and individualized supportive content for each person.

Cancellation Policy

All bookings are non-refundable. Credit can be applied to any service.

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