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Satisfaction & Grace: Rising Within

Picture an early morning scene on a late winter’s day. The trees are bare, the air is still. A pale yellow aura glows around the globe of the sun, creating a beautiful backdrop behind the branches. Below, a stream of water flows. The light of the sunshine reflected in it glistens.

Today is your day, a new day. You can begin it however you choose. The invitation is open at every moment. Perhaps you feel restricted by the daily demands and routine, but the opportunity of free-will still flows within it. You may not be able to change what happens on the outside, but you can create the atmosphere you experience on the inside.

Satisfaction rises in the sky of the heart when it is illumined by the light of grace. Grace is the unsought favor of God, Divinity. It surrounds you at every step. It pulses in your heart and grants you the gift of life.

Grace is everywhere and in everything. Only the eyes of the soul can fully see it.

In this world, both happiness and distress come unsought. There are so many things beyond the individual soul’s control. Yet they are all expressions of divine grace.

Every experience, be it delightful or difficult, is designed to draw the soul nearer to home. The tiny spirit spark of soul that is the individual self – the real you – comes from the abode of the Supreme Person, God. Real favor is to bring you closer, to remind you of who you are and the relationship that you share.

Satisfaction comes from within when everything is accepted as the grace of God and the will of the Divine. You are part and parcel of Someone great, perfect, and benevolent. You are taken care of in all ways for the highest good of the eternal soul.

A child sometimes cries, “Mommy, Daddy, give me!” but does not hold the higher vision and wisdom of the parents to look to the long-term greatest good of the beloved child. The infinitesimal soul in this world sometimes similarly seeks God or the universe to fulfill its wishes without understanding the supreme will and grace for the pleasure of God and the greatest good of the soul.

Yet the moment that the heart trusts Mother-Father God and looks to align with Their happiness and love in harmony and service, the whole self becomes free to relax and rest in the flow of divine arrangement.

There is no need to worry. You are connected. You are cared for. You can choose to trust and go with the current of higher plan. This brings tremendous satisfaction and tranquility within.

Even if the world outside seems bare, cold, or stuck at a standstill, nothing can stop the flow of faith within you. The light of God will rise and warm your heart. It will show you the way each day, each step, at every breath. You only need to choose to look to see the beauty and grace all around and in you.

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