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Once Upon a Lotus...

A Beautiful Healing Story Begins

I love the language of the lotus. It speaks truth. It tells its own tale of transformation from the depths of darkness to the heights of light. It is a story of healing, inner beauty, and self-expression. Let me share it with you as she conveys it to me.

Many may say the story begins in the mud. In a sense, it does. The nearest chapter does. But the life of the lotus, in fact, represents eternity and union with Divinity. Even the highest planet in the spiritual world, the kingdom of God, is described as lotus-shaped, according to the revelation sung in the ancient hymns of Brahma, who is revered throughout the Vedas as the deputed engineer of the universe.

Within that superlative lotus-shaped realm, the lakes are said to be full of blooming lotuses as well, each totally transcendentally sentient, exuding her fragrance and beauty for the pleasure of the Supreme Beloved. This is her innate nature and origin.

But when Lotus comes to this world of temporality, she sheds her eternal beauty and displays a different cycle of life. From her radiant glory in the sunshine, her tender petals eventually fall, her seedbed dries, then drops facedown into the water. Down it sinks, releasing her seeds into the mud, where they become embedded in darkness.

Compressed into the mud, without air or light, the buried essence of the lotus remains within her seed coat. Created with remarkable resilience, she can sustain her intrinsic life potential for thousands of years. Indeed, she has been known to regenerate after many.

How does Lotus do it? How does she rise from where she has fallen and rejuvenate from dormancy?

Well, for starters, she makes the most of the mud. Even though it is dark, dirty, and devoid of oxygen, it is packed with nutrients. Within the lotus seed, much like within the soul, is an imprint of inherent God-given wisdom. Each species and individual are bestowed unique attributes and abilities. Among the gifts given to Lotus is the inner knowing to absorb what the mud has to offer. She accepts its atmosphere and ingredients, which prompt her to germinate.

Out of her shell she comes, reaching out from the core. Lotus unfurls her roots into the mud, where she anchors and begins to draw nourishment. Her process of resurrection has begun.

The Lotus embodies healing grace and gently encourages us with her example. She shows how our own innate nature, eternally united with Divinity, temporarily loses its original beautiful expression when it comes into the physical world. Our spirits may wilt, while the soul’s adorning attributes seem to be stripped from our awareness. The entire core of our consciousness may dry up and fall facedown into the muddy pit of problematic existence. Surrounded by darkness, disconnected from the source of light and breath of life, the spectacular potential of our individual eternal being may lay buried at long length.

This is the wound, the origin of all that needs to be healed. But it can be. Infused within the soul is the resilience and brilliance like the lotus to renew itself.

Our healing begins here in the mud. Right here, right now, right where you and I are, in this moment, this challenge, this experience, this atmosphere. There are sources and resources to receive and connect with, to draw nourishment from, and establish stability within. There is opportunity, support, and Divine grace to meet and greet the exquisite potential of the authentic self that reaches out to reemerge. And there is the healing story of the lotus to follow as it unfolds beside your own. “Come dear soul,” she softly speaks. “Come rise from the mud and blossom with me."

If you would like to experience your own healing and transformation further, I invite you to explore the healing packages of White Lotus Grace that are arranged to grow with you from where you are now to what you want to be.

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