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Healing in Motion

The Profoundly Joyful Conduit of Movement & Dance

In my earliest years of life, I was severely shy, fearful of anyone I didn’t know, and acutely anxious of being separated from my mother. Any time we were out or in the presence of others, I clung to her tightly as I hid in silence behind her back. After receiving many recommendations to enroll me in dance lessons to help me out of my shell, she did, and I emerged. That was my first experience of healing through movement.

It continued into my terribly turbulent teens, when ballet became my only safe haven and sanctuary, where I could pour out every feeling. From the barre to the stage, every move was an opportunity to express what I needed to release and to absorb the solace I needed to receive.

A decade later, I was all but bedridden with chronic fatigue, but for an entire year, visions of ballet spontaneously danced across the screen of my mind’s eye, almost every moment of every day. I could feel the movement in my body, even though my body was unable to move. I know now it was a clairvoyant prelude of a life-changing return to dance that remedied my illness and opened the way to revelation of my intuitive healing dance gifts.

The power of movement is a beautiful thing. It can literally shift, shape, and reform energy. Energy itself comes in many forms and functions. Emotions, for example, are energy in motion. E-motion. Everything, including you and I, are also an emanation of energy from the Absolute Truth, the Personality of Godhead. Movement and dance become an awesome avenue of healing when we consciously reconnect the energy in motion with its Divine loving source.

Energy moves, and energy sticks. One of the places it can get stuck is in the body. The impressions of trauma and other experiences become trapped in the tissues, cells, and spaces between. “E-motions” may be rendered inert or embedded in a perpetual pattern within both the physical and subtle body, comprised of mind, intelligence, and false ego. Thankfully, God has created and given us this extraordinary instrument of the human vessel with which to move. When that movement is infused with prayerful intention, it can channel the highest Divine force of God's grace to help dislodge and transform stuck energies and paradigms imprinted within.

Patterns of thought, feeling, and relationships can be re-choreographed by physically moving in ways that embody a different energy dynamic. This creates new impressions which are housed and carried in the body’s cellular memory. Unlike good advice that can go in one ear and out the other, experiential understanding awakened through movement always stays within, wherever we go, and can be readily accessed to reveal how to move through any circumstance of life before us.

When I intuitively guide individuals through such re-patterning and transformative movement energy healing, I call it “Change the Dance of Life” because it can truly have that impact. And that is just one of the many wonderful ways in which movement and/or dance can serve as a profoundly joyful conduit of healing.

If you would like to explore healing in motion for yourself with intuitive support, I am here and happy to help as a guide. I will empathically connect with your emotional and physical experience as I channel the meditative movement cues and healing energy for you from the pure source of God as the Supersoul in the heart. There is no right or wrong technique, nor any prerequisite of ability or coordination. All it takes is an open heart and your own heartfelt body language to experience the soul-soothing movement of Divine Grace.

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