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Intuitive Reading

Intuitive Readings

I offer readings that gently nurture healing with God-given imagery, messages, and empathic energy. My commitment is to serve as a conduit, carrying grace to your heart and perspective in any realm of life. (Please note that Lotus Grace readings are not predictive but descriptive of truths above, beyond, and beneath the surface.)


How can an intuitive reading help you?

Reach Beneath the Surface

There is more than meets the eye. My readings reach beyond what is visible, audible, palpable, and knowable to the physical senses, to see, hear, touch, and learn what is in the subtle energy and spiritual substance underlying it.

Reveal Underlying Truth

Understanding underlying truth, cause, reason, purpose, intention, feelings, thoughts, etc. can help you gain perspective and hold compassion with which to navigate your life experiences.

Receive Answers & Divine Guidance

The readings I offer are descriptive, not predictive. They uncover images, words, energy and guidance from the Supersoul (God in the heart) to respond to your questions and clear your way forward.

Revive Yourself & Purpose

The best value of an intuitive reading is realized when your own personal growth, healing, and spiritual development are the aim of it. The affirming insight of divine grace is inspirational and empowering.

Renew Relationships

My empathic ability to feel into thoughts, feeling, and hearts can help you understand your own and a loved one's better so that you can interact with greater love, trust, and harmony.

Reconnect with Divine Grace

The experience of divine reciprocation in a reading is helpful in revealing, restoring, and reconnecting more deeply in your personal relationship with your higher power, source, and God.

And More...

I have had several one-on-one sessions with Gigi and I am praying for the ability to put into words how much my life has changed because of it. I have worked with clairvoyants and readers for 25 years and I can honestly say that the impact of my work with Gigi is unequalled. Her natural compassionate qualities, combined with being an extraordinary channel, have helped me shift old trauma and patterns in a profound way. It has brought me back to my core self and has accelerated the deepening of my relationship with God. If you are willing to put in the effort to do your part, I am very confident that Gigi can help you grow in a sustainable way beyond what you imagined possible.

Caroline / Australia

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