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Lotus Grace Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing

Intuitive healing supported by psychic empathy, somatic awareness, energetic transformation, guided movement, meditation and bhakti wisdom is unlimitedly personal and versatile in its application. My goal is to facilitate heart-soul-mind-body revival so that you can experience the inherent joy of your complete self.


What can intuitive healing help you with?

Trauma & Stress

Lotus Grace healing facilitates the release of stored trauma, reducing stress levels, and providing tools for coping with and overcoming traumatic experiences (eg. childhood, emotional, physical, sexual abuse).

Emotional Imbalances

The sensitive tools I share assist in the regulation of emotions, fostering emotional resilience, and supporting the understanding and management of difficult emotions such as anxiety, depression, or anger.


Intuitive insight and healing can help harmonize, fortify, and sweeten your relationships. A holistic experience of your interpersonal patterns supported by transformative practices aid in positively redesigning them.

Physical Discomfort & Pain

The gentle modality helps you address your physical discomfort or chronic pain by exploring the mind-body connection and employing techniques to alleviate the root of physical manifestations of stress or trauma.

Spiritual Growth & Connection

These practices intuitively guide you in exploring and connecting with your sense of purpose, spirituality, and inner self to find more meaning and fulfillment.

Self-Doubt, Insecurity, Self-Esteem

I specialize in facilitating healing at the core level of yourself. The ways and means of Lotus Grace experiences reach to the root of your doubt, support you to release it and guide you to restore trust at the foundation of your inner being.

And More...

Society is a Jungle. We put up different masks to play different roles to survive, to fit in, to meet social standards. Long enough, we believe that we are the role we play, and become further and further away from our true selves, and sometimes even get lost in the Jungle. Often, we get hurt. We learned to put bandages over bandages to cover up the wound, and just move along. Until one day, we don’t understand what hurts us, what triggers us, and why we behave the way we behave, as we have become a stranger to ourselves. Deep down, there is still a voice, no matter how tiny it is, calling our attention and telling us he/she doesn’t feel comfortable, seen, heard or loved. We move too fast and leave behind the person whom we need to spend the most time with -- our true self.​

Gigi, with her beautiful blessed gift, facilitates a safe place for the soul to put down all the masks and guard to just hear ourselves, feel ourselves and be with ourselves. She is like the personal Sherpa who gives you a gentle but firm hand when you need support while making those difficult turns climbing up the mountain of life. She is not just there to listen or to observe; she is also there to experience with you.

During the past few years, I have tried many different ways to connect with the child version of me when I was hurt and traumatized, but always failed since she closed her heart to me. Gigi helped her to open up and show me what she truly needed at that moment. I am amazed by Gigi's gift and invite you to experience yourself the magic moment when the door to your heart is opened and light shines through.

Jessica / United States

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