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Healing + Reading combination

Healing + Reading

Lotus Grace unites psychic insight with healing to help you access answers and solutions. I offer 3 ways to experience this combination:

  • An Intuitive Reading + Healing session engages with your questions and guides you through your inner world to create transformation.​

  • A Healing Grace Reading enables you to passively receive spiritual energy healing and Divine perspective channeled from God for you through my prayerful movement/dance.

  • A Lotus Grace Healing Package facilitates a deeper journey that begins with a Healing Grace Reading, builds upon it with 4 intuitive healing or healing movement sessions, and culminates in an intuitive reading to understand your progress.


How can a healing + reading help you?

Release Trauma & Stress

Lotus Grace healing facilitates the release of stored trauma, reducing stress levels, and providing tools for coping with and overcoming traumatic experiences (eg. childhood, emotional, physical, sexual abuse).

Balance Emotions

The sensitive tools I share assist in the regulation of emotions, fostering emotional resilience, and supporting the understanding and management of difficult emotions such as anxiety, depression, or anger.

Protect Your Energy

The spiritual energy channeled in a healing grace reading surrounds you in Divine protection and helps restore inner balance throughout your subtle body and chakra system.

Reach Beneath the Surface

There is more than meets the eye. My readings reach beyond what is visible, audible, palpable, and knowable to the physical senses, to see, hear, touch, and learn what is in the subtle energy and spiritual substance underlying it.

Receive Answers & Divine Guidance

The readings I offer are descriptive, not predictive. They uncover images, words, energy and guidance from the Supersoul (God in the heart) to respond to your questions and clear your way forward.

Revive Yourself & Purpose

The best value of an intuitive reading is realized when your own personal growth, healing, and spiritual development are the aim of it. The affirming insight of divine grace is inspirational and empowering.

And More...

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Best Value

Lotus Grace Healing Package



6 Sessions

Valid for 6 months

One 2-Hour Healing Grace Reading

Four 1-Hour Intuitive Healing Sessions

One 1-Hour Intuitive Reading

7 Hours Total

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