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Healing movement

Healing Movement

Healing Movement begins where you are in your body and emotions and intuitively supports you to move through your experience with your own natural body language. Underlying traumas and truths of patterns become released and revealed in the process, while new dynamics and ways of navigating in relation to life, love, self, God, or others emerge and become embedded in your cellular memory. This method of healing is highly recommended if you are open to connect with how you are feeling in your body. Nothing other than your willingness to move is required.


How can healing movement help you?

Release Stress & Trauma

Healing movement supports the release of stress and trauma stored in the body. These gentle personalized practices soothe the nervous system and create new patterns at the cellular level.

Transform & Align Energy

The ability of physical movement to shift subtle energy is simultaneously powerful and gentle, what to speak of joyful! Healing movement unsticks stagnant energy, reshapes it into upliftment, and realigns it with grace.

Balance Emotions

The unique fusion of empathic intuition and energy healing in motion gently guide you to move through any emotion (eg. anxiety, anger, grief, etc.) to a calm, grounded, centered state of inner harmony and balance.

Relationship Repatterning

Lotus Grace's healing movement method helps in understanding underlying elements of relationship dynamics and how to improve them for greater personal and interpersonal harmony.

And More...


Working with Gigi during a challenging time in my life was an amazing experience. Her empathy, her nurturing quality made my experience truly lovely. She finds inspiration for therapeutic movement work by what the client's needs are. After my sessions with Gigi, I feel spiritually rejuvenated.

Anna / New York

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